Concrete Cutting

With over 25 years’ experience Eisses Enterprises has the concrete cutting equipment and knowledge to provide an effective, affordable and professional job.

Eisses Enterprises offers a wide range of concrete cutting options for your industrial, commercial and residential project. Our experienced concrete cutting operators understand and will help you choose the right application for you specific project.

Whether you are dealing with hard to reach concrete or a tight schedule that must be met Eisses Enterprises can help.

Concrete Wall Sawing

Eisses Enterprises wall cutting and sawing expertise provides accurately sized, straight, smooth finished opening in walls, ceiling and floors,

Window cutting

We cut new opening or enlarge excising opening for new window installations. we dig down to your footing to install a big O drain tile to your tile around the house for proper drainage to keep your new window from leaking. We also are able to complete the whole job for you by installing your window after cutting the concrete out and caulking the outside and adding a proper size window well to make your project look the way it should when its done.

Asphalt cutting

We are able to cut through your thick and your thin asphalt. Contact us today for a quote.

Concrete Cutting

We Do a wide selection of concrete floor cutting, from removal of your garage floor, to the trench for the plumbing in your renovation. No matter your purpose for the cutting we are the right crew for you.

Wall saw Cutting

Wall saw concrete cutting can vary widely in use. common jobs include door cutting, wall cutting of any size. We come prepared to drop your wall.

Core drilling

Core drilling can be done with a hand held or a mounted drill. we will typically drill from 1`` to 16`` diameter holes. Residential is normally for chimneys dryer vents or plumbing. commercial and industrail can range from drilling core slabs to bollards to catch basins, crocks and benching in crocks or concrete vaults.