Improving Life Through Coating Services with Surface Preparation

Most people might think that surface preparation is not as serious as finishing touches and should be taken lightly. Others might perceive that since it is the first step of construction, and is located at the bottom, it won’t matter how well it is done because it is not visible compared to the outer part. Well, this is a false perception and should not be taken seriously by everyone.

Being the basic step in constructing roads or flooring, surface preparation serves as a great importance with the foundation of every establishment. Once the preparation is made perfectly, they increase the life of the coating and overlaying services, thereby reducing cases of coating failure or back jobs. So this should be considered in every construction.

There are different methods applied in surface preparation.  There is what we call shot blasting which prepares concrete and steel surfaces by stripping, cleaning and simultaneously profiling the surface. This method is considered cost effective, environmental friendly and mostly preferred by manufacturers as it provides different surface profiles depending on the sizes produced by the shots. Since it leaves the surface ready for coating, drying of materials is eliminated, thus reduces coating failure.  Another method is grinding and polishing which utilize rotating disks to smooth, level or clean concrete surfaces. The grinders may be built with either single or multiple heads mostly up to 3. Moreover, these grinders or polishers are coupled with vacuum which provides a clean and dust-free work area. Scarifying is another method to be considered in surface preparation. This method offers dust-free outcomes when preparing concrete, steel or asphalt surfaces. Scarifying machines utilize steel or carbide tipped cutters placed around a cylindrical drum. These cutters vary in different shapes depending on the application and impact the surface at high speed as the drum rotates, scarring the coating and abrading the surface concrete.  This is a suitable way of smoothing uneven surfaces and tip hazards. Other methods are cutting, scraping and stripping.

Many companies use either of the methods discussed, but what’s important is the quality of service they are providing. Outcomes are not based on these machines alone. It will also depend on the manpower performing it. Here in Eisses Enterprise, we ensure excellent results of our services. We are continually providing quality results and good business to our valued customer because we want to fulfill full satisfaction.