Core Drilling – Get the Right Information You Need


Core drilling, or the act of drilling holes into concrete, is a common process during any construction project. It is done to give way for a lot of purposes. The procedure is relatively easy given that the right equipments are used. One method that is gaining popularity nowadays is the diamond core drilling. It is done when there is a need for precision drilling for a more accurate circular penetration. The method involves non-percussive drilling in making these smooth holes. Moreover, this method is chosen because of its low noise and dust-free characteristic.

These holes are drilled to give way for utility penetrations and other construction installation applications. It is through these holes that plumbing works, heating and electrical wirings are installed. It is important to note that the kind of hole to be drilled and the method used to drill the holes depends largely on its purpose and on the material to be drilled. For materials like granite, concrete and gravestones, the electric method is employed. The same kind of drilling method can be done on walls, floors or in some areas that requires installations of anchoring systems. In order to make larger holes, hydraulic method is used which involves the use of mechanical and electronic protection.

Core drilling is not merely done to install things in construction projects. It is also done prior to concrete removal. A series of holes are drilled close to each other. This method of drilling is termed as line drilling or line coring. With this, concrete floors can easily be removed in square shaped pieces – less clutter, less hassle. Core drilling can be done by yourself when it is meant to serve minor purposes such as simple wall installations. However, core drilling is better left with professional contractors who has the right drilling equipment to manage the job for you.

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