Equip Yourself with the Basics of Concrete Removal

There will always come a time that a concrete project would have to be removed. It might be due to some irreparable defects or just to give place for a new project to commence. This is common in our dynamic industry. But, how would you know when to seek concrete removal services? There are some things that you should consider.

Eisses Enterprises Concrete RemovalOne of the most common reasons for concrete removal is when the concrete is already showing wide cracks that cannot be remedied by resurfacing. The cracks are simply too extensive for it to be repaired back to its original state. Another reason is when the slabs begin to sink. This is due to a poorly prepared subgrade that makes the slab sink when it is frequently subjected to heavy load. Countries with cold climates often face problems with frost heaves. It is when the moisture trapped beneath the concrete freezes, thereby pushing the concrete upward causing cracks. Sometimes, all these concrete problems can be solved by resurfacing. However, when things go out of hand, it is time to seek help from a professional concrete cutting company. It is time to do some concrete removal.

Prior to seeking professional help, always make sure that you do some preliminary checks for yourself. Check the cost of the project. Make sure it fits right into your budget. Moreover, consult local authorities regarding policies on where the pile of dumped concrete should be disposed and that you should seek permission from them regarding your project. In this way, you can avoid unnecessary complaints from your neighbors or other nearby establishments. Lastly, choose the right contractor for the project. Concrete removal is not an easy task. It requires heavy machineries, skilled workers, and professional contractors to handle the project with ease.

We, at Eisses Enterprises, take concrete removal seriously. We understand the complexity of the task and we are well prepared to face any challenges. We have equipped ourselves with state of the art tools and heavy machineries to assist our skilled workers with the task. Moreover, we are well-adept with every method of concrete removal. We perform assessments prior to any task in order for us to administer the right method that suits your project’s needs. Our goal has always been to achieve optimal client satisfaction through superior craftsmanship, integrity, timeliness and commitment to the project and to our clients.